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We’ll be the first to admit that building a new home – whether you’re a builder or a home owner – isn’t easy.  The Excel Homes team does its best, however, to simplify the construction process, starting with the detailed “12 Step Process” outlined on the builder section of our website. In this monthly entry, we’ll take a closer look at one of those steps.

Step two of the 12-step modular construction process is probably the least exciting part of the entire undertaking. We’re not afraid to admit that. It’s a lot of paperwork, signing stuff, and more paperwork, but all of it is vitally important before we’re able to move on to some of the more interesting stages.

Highlights from step two include the following:

  1. Select modular home model and options
  2. Develop and finalize prints, plans, options, finishes and specs
  3. Sign contracts
  4. Sign off on plans and specs
  5. Secure financing
  6. Set target occupancy date
  7. Issue deposit
  8. Establish construction activities/schedule
  9. Obtain and post permits (building, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  10. Submit application for gas/electrical service
  11. Conduct site survey (stake out)

One of the most important of the 11 “boring” functions above is the creation of a construction activities schedule. Put simply, this document will guide the entire construction process, and details the proper sequence of building activities, including which activities can happen simultaneously – like the construction of the modules and the laying of the foundation.

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