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We’ll be the first to admit that building a new home – whether you’re a builder or a home owner – isn’t easy.  The Excel Homes team does its best, however, to simplify the construction process, starting with the detailed “12 Step Process” outlined on the builder section of our website. In this monthly entry, we’ll take a closer look at one of those steps.

The modular construction process starts where every new home construction project starts, with a piece of land. The land/lot development stage includes steps ranging from the obvious (purchasing the land and clearing the title) to the slightly more technical (surveying the land and conducting a perc/probe tests for septic planning purposes).

Those steps apply to the construction of just about any home, but one step specific to the modular construction process is the completion of a site accessibility study to ensure that the modules (and the trucks transporting them) are able to access the site where the home will eventually be built.

The accessibility study determines the best route for the delivery of the modules and whether the roads are wide enough to accommodate modules up to 16 feet wide. Other factors, like sharp turns in roads and the overhang of trees and power lines, are also considered.

For obvious reasons, the site accessibility study is usually done before the home owner purchases the land. With proper planning almost all sites are deemed accessible for modular construction. Of course, some sites pass the test, but include more than their fair share of obstacles. Still, it’s no match for our skilled drivers, who always seem to find a way to deliver a half dozen oversized modules on time and unscathed.

NEXT MONTH: Step Two – Forms, Procedures and Permits

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